Centre for European Affairs (CEA)

SC Executive Vice-President & CEO: Robert Vass
SC Honorary President: Amb. Rastislav Kacer

EPIN Coordinator and CEA Managing Director:

Andrea Ferjenčíková
Tel: +421.911.616.655 
Email: andrea.ferjencikova(at)europeanaffairs.sk



The Centre for European Affairs (CEA) was officially founded in September 2011 as a sister organisation of the Slovak Atlantic Commission. It is now a full member of the Strategy Council. The CEA is an independent civic association, carrying out its activities in the spirit of European cooperation, democratic principles and values.

The CEA focuses on economic, financial and political aspects of the EU integration dynamics, strategic EU policies and puts a notable accent on Slovak positions within the processes of decision-making and agenda-setting on both the local and the European levels. The ultimate goal of the CEA is to present and support a credible Slovak platform for European policy-shaping, which will be of utmost importance not only on the path towards the Slovak EU Presidency in 2016, but in further integration process.

The CEA is now with its activities firmly established at both the local and the regional Visegrad levels, and continues to build its presence within the EU-level framework especially with its flagship event, the TATRA SUMMIT.

Flagship projects

Since established, the CEA focused on three major projects – TATRA SUMMIT, QUARTETORIUM and National Convention on the European Union.

Tatra Summit

TATRA SUMMIT initiative was launched by the CEA with an ambitious goal – to shape the future of Europe. It established a wide forum promoting cross-sector networking and active exchange of ideas as it integrates debates on political and economic levels of the European policy-making by bringing together representatives from the EU institutions, member states’ ministries of finance and diplomacy, leaders from the business and financial sectors, think tanks’ analysts and international media. The TATRA SUMMIT injected an increasingly important Central European dimension to the Eurozone integration dynamics.

Slovakia seized the initiative and made again its mark on the Europe-wide strategic discourse. The only V4 country to adopt the euro, Slovakia reflects a remarkable transformation and historic reverse of economic fortunes of the Central European countries.


Representatives of think-tanks and academia, governments and international institutions, businesses and the media regularly gather to discuss economic and political aspects of European integration.


QUARTETORIUM provides a platform for four different sectors – four different perspectives on one problem – unique place within the discourse on European Union matters in Slovakia.

National convention on the European Union

The National Convention is an institutional platform for a society-wide discussion with the participation of political elites, representatives of the government, parliaments, churches, experts, NGOs, civic associations, representatives of local government, business sector and culture. Its objective is to fuel a discussion on European topics; help formulate Slovakia’s stance on the further direction of the EU; and to bring European topics closer to citizens.

The National Convention on the EU focuses primarily on present challenges of the European integration, 10th anniversary of the Slovak accession to the EU as well as the topic of the Slovak Presidency in the Council of the EU in 2016.


  • Strong dissemination and outreach through existing platforms
  • Central European focus
  • Innovative and flexible format of events
  • Constructive and independent approach on the project ideas and topics


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