Director: Dr. Jordi Bacaria

EPIN Liaison Officer:
Pol Morillas
Research Fellow
Tel +34.93.302.64.95
E-mail pmorillas(at)

CIDOB, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, is Spain’s oldest international relations think tank. Established in 1973, CIDOB has become an important reference in information and policy-oriented research in international issues in Spain and beyond its borders.

CIDOB brings together a dynamic team of analysts and researchers with an aim to offer all political players – from ordinary citizens to international organisations – information and ideas that help to shape policies that promote a safer, freer and more just world for all. CIDOB, as an independent, non partisan centre, encourages a plural dialogue that embraces all differences.

CIDOB’s areas of geographical expertise include Europe, Latin America, the Mediterranean, the former Soviet space and Asian emerging powers. Its motto ‘putting people at the heart of international relations’ has inspired a choice of topics that are very directly related to people’s daily life, such as international migration, intercultural dialogue, development, human security or access to fresh water.

In the area of European Studies, CIDOB concentrates on the institutional development  of the EU, the EU’s interface with its citizens, European Foreign and Security Policies, Neighbourhood Policy, Development Policy, Migration and Mobility Policies and European Identity.

CIDOB participates in a number of research consortiums funded by the European Commission and the European Parliament. It is a member or associate of research networks such as the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), the European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN), the European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies (EINIRAS), the Euromediterranean Security Cooperation (EUROMESCO), the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) and the International Studies Association (ISA).

In addition to running a specialised library, CIDOB publishes several periodicals and books on subjects related to international relations. Its flagship publication is the CIDOB International Yearbook, a reference document on Spanish foreign policy and international relations. CIDOB also plays an important role in publishing Afers Internacionals, one of the most respected academic journals in Spanish language dealing with international relations. 


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