WiseEuropa, Warsaw

President: Maciej Bukowski
Vice-President: Krzysztof Blusz
Managing Director: Wojciech Białożyt
EPIN Liaison officer:
Paweł Zerka
Head of Foreign Policy & International Relations Research Program
Tel: +48 600 43 43 61
E-mail: pawel.zerka(at)wise-europa.eu
WiseEuropa Institute is an independent think-tank based in Warsaw, undertaking a strategic reflection on European politics, foreign policy and economy. The institute was created in March 2016 as a result of a merger between demosEUROPA-Centre for European Strategy and WISE Institute. Previously, the two founding institutions specialized in foreign policy analysis and macroeconomic research, respectively. The institute is engaging citizens, entrepreneurs, experts and policymakers from Poland and other countries in a joint reflection on the EU's and Poland‘s modernisation agenda as well as the EU’s and Poland’s role in the world.


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