Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)

President: Loukas Tsoukalis

EPIN Liaison officer: Thanos Dokos
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E-mail: thanosdokos(at)eliamep.gr


ELIAMEP is an independent, non-profit and policy-oriented research and training institute. ELIAMEP's mission is to provide a forum for public and political debate on issues of European integration and international relations and to conduct scientific research that supports policy makers in making informed decisions. In pursuing this mission ELIAMEP:

  • conducts research on topics pertaining to European integration and international relations with special reference to transatlantic relations, security, migration, human rights, good governance and climate change issues. Its geographical area of interest includes the wider Southeast European, Black Sea and Mediterranean regions, and the transatlantic dimension;
  • contributes to and influences the public and political debate on the above topics;
  • provides decision-makers, both in the public and private sectors in Greece, Europe and beyond, with authoritative and independent information, analysis and proposals for action;
  • raises the level of the domestic research community by providing specialized training to young researchers and creating a cadre of experts on the issues mentioned above;
  • trains professionals (civil servants, politicians, journalists and academics, among others) in a variety of areas such as European integration, conflict prevention, management and resolution skills, the monitoring of democratic elections and civil society building, the role of the media in civil societies, and the creation of international networks of leaders committed to working together to enhance cooperation and good governance in Europe and the Mediterranean region;
  • raises public awareness about European integration, foreign policy and international affairs