European Institute of Romania (IER)


Director General: Gabriela Dragan

EPIN Liaison officer:

Agnes Nicolescu
Head a.i., Studies and Analyses unit
Tel: (+4021) 314 26 96 or
Tel: (4021) 314 26 97/ ext. 151

E-mail: agnes.nicolescu(at)



The European Institute of Romania (EIR) is a public organization under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. Its views are independent of any public or private bodies and it is not allied to any political party, denominational group or ideological movement. The European Institute of Romania (EIR) is a provider of policy-oriented expertise in EU Affairs and one of the actors involved in the process of Romania's integration into the European Union. The scope of EIR's activities brings it also near the academic world. Still, its approach is mostly a pragmatic one, in line with public administration requirements. Ever since its establishment, EIR has taken on the mission to fill in the gap in several main areas related to the European integration process.

Research: provides to policy makers a meaningful instrument in the formulation of EU accession strategies. Therefore, research focuses on analysing the expected outcomes of Romania's EU membership, viewed from a multidimensional approach: horizontal and sectoral, economic, social and institutional. The research is carried out at two levels: internally, with EIR's own expertise, and externally, through contracting out the expertise of Romanian and foreign specialists in line areas.

Training in European Affairs: builds and consolidate the European integration knowledge of members of the Romanian society with a role in this process. Training is supported financially and technically by various donors, the most important of which is EU's Phare programme. Training programs are designed and organized by the specialized staff of the EIR and delivered using external trainers, highly specialized in various EU topics and experienced in adult education.

Co-ordination of translation of Community acquis. EIR's is the sole entity in Romania, which holds attributions in endorsing the official version of translated Community legislation. It is coordinating the translation of the acquis communautaire and the European case law into Romanian language and of relevant Romanian legislation into other EU working languages.

Communication on European topics is meant to ensure a far-reaching dissemination of information on European integration through instruments such as: conferences, publications, a library hosting volumes representative for the literature on European integration and EIR's website, making available all outcomes of EIR's work.