French Institute of International Relations (IFRI)

Brussels office of l'Institut francais des relations internationales, Ifri - the French Institute of International Relations


President: Thierry de Montbrial
Head of Ifri Brussels: Vivien Pertusot

EPIN Liaison officers:
Vivien Pertusot
Head of Ifri Brussels
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Founded in 1979 and directed by Thierry de Montbrial, the French Institute of International Relations - Institut francais des relations internationales or Ifri - is France's leading independent research and debate institution dedicated to the analysis of international issues. Its aim is to foster constructive dialog between researchers, analysts and policymakers from the international arena and to lead in-depth independent policy-oriented studies on today's main international issues.

With its Brussels office - IFRI Brussels - opened in 2005, IFRI is one of the rare French think tanks at the heart of European issues and debates.

Today IFRI is composed of around 70 dedicated staff, including 35 French and international researchers. Ifri's experts are involved in major international networks and communicate on a regular basis with their foreign counterparts. Ifri's 'policy-oriented' research is organized around different regional and cross-disciplinary research areas, which evolve according to international political and economic trends.

Ifri's research is enriched by the debates it organizes in a non-partisan and informal context. These debates are vital in developing closer relationships between researchers and decision-makers from the private and public sector. Since 1979, Ifri has organized over 1 150 conferences, 95 international symposiums and 380 meetings involving French and foreign prominent figures.

Ifri's research and debate are covered in the institute's various collections as well as in top publications such as the quarterly journal Politique Etrangere, the oldest French journal on international affairs, and the annual report RAMSES. With a circulation of 10 000 copies, RAMSES combines a factual analysis of events, a critical assessment of the past year and perspectives for the following year.
Today the website is the first media through which Ifri's debates, work and studies are disseminated (including summaries of the most recent publications, policy papers, seminar, meetings, and symposium reports).


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