Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA)


lPatron: Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland 
Chairperson: Brendan Halligan 
Director General: Tom Arnold
Director of Research and Vice President for Global Affairs: Jill Donoghue 


EPIN Liaison Officer: Jill Donoghue, Director of Research
Tel: 353-1-8746756


The Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) is Ireland's leading think tank on international and European affairs. It is a non-profit organisation with charitable status which is based in Dublin. The Institute was founded in 1991 as a self-governing body and is located in a gracious Georgian house in the city centre at 8 North Great Georges street.  The Institute expresses no corporate view of its own and is independent of all political, social and economic interests. Views expressed in the Institute's publications and at its conferences and seminars are those of the authors and speakers.

The IIEA is a conducts policy based research and provides members with in-depth analysis of EU and international developments and their implications for Ireland and Europe. Its extensive research programme aims to provide its members with high-level analysis and forecasts of upoming challenges in the global and EU policy agendas, which impact on Ireland and on Europe. It acts as a catalyst for new thinking, new solutions and policy options. Its cutting edge analysis over a broad range of policy areas provides its corporate members with a significant competitive advantage.

The Institute provides a forum for dialogue between representatives from government, business, industry, the civil service, the diplomatic corps, the legal professions, NGO's, trade unions, the media and academia. The Institute also has a branch in Brussels.

The IIEA  provides a unique forum for corporate networking.  It hosts over 100 events annually, which offer its members unparalleled access to the highest-level speakers, decision-makers and thought-leaders at national, EU, and global level.  These events include: breakfast briefings, keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, seminars, luncheons, panel discussions and workshops. The Institute's state of the art website: www.iiea.comhosts all Institute publications as well as videos of all events, podcasts, interview with speakers, and uses a range of social media tools, facebok, twitter, as well as animated motion graphics, infographics and blogs to communicate with its audience.


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