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EPIN Project on the 2014 European Parliament Elections

In the run-up to the May 2014 elections to the European Parliament, EPIN has engaged in a project aimed at examining the elections from an EU perspective and considering the outlook for the elections in various member states. It will consist of a number of events and publications. A special series of EPIN Commentaries has been launched within the framework of this project.


8 May 2014: 2014 Elections to the European Parliament: New Developments, Future Challenges (CEPS, Brussels)

31 January 2014: Parliamentarianism in European Economic Governance (Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki)
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25 November 2013: The EU after the 2014 Elections: Setting the Course for a Political Union? (Polish Institute of International Affairs, Warsaw)
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Some of the contributions have been incorporated in a special issue of the Polish Quarterly of International Affairs.


"Between Apathy and Anger: Challenges to the Union from the 2014 Elections to the European Parliament" by S. Piedrafita and A. Lauenroth (eds.), with contributions from A. Primatarova, T. Iso-Markku, S. Bendjaballah, A. Lauenroth, F. Chatzistavrou, S. Michalaki, E. Poli, N. Goet, A. Groen, A. Łada, A. Nicolescu, S. Llaudes, I. Molina and V. Renman

"Euro-enthusiasm, Euro-rejection, and various shades of grey: The 2014 European Parliament election campaign in the Netherlands" by Stijn van Kessel 

"The 'Personalisation' of the European Elections: A half-hearted attempt to increase turnout and democratic legitimacy?" by Sonia Piedrafita and Vilde Renman (CEPS)

"The Impact of Spain's Economic and Political Crisis on the European Elections" by Carme Colomina and Elina Viilup (CIDOB)

"Euroscepticism in the Next European Parliament: A Reason to Worry?" by Sonia Piedrafita and Vilde Renman (CEPS)

"The European Elections in France: The paradox of a more European yet more eurosceptic campaign" by Vivien Pertusot and Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer (Ifri)

"The 2014 European Elections in Poland: Are we in for another uninspiring campaign?" by Melchior Szczepanik (ISP)

"Not Making the Lists: The Underrepresentation of Women in EU Politics and Business" by Vilde Renman (CEPS) 

"Elections to the European Parliament and the trouble with Vox Populi" by Sonia Piedrafita (CEPS) 


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