Macedonian Centre for European Training (MCET)

Executive Director: Bojan Marichikj

President and EPIN Coordinator: 

Andreja Stojkovski
Senior Researcher/Analyst
Tel: +389. ext. 102
E-mail: andreja(at)



The Macedonian Centre for European Training (MCET) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan, think-tank organisation established in September 2002. MCET facilitates the accession of Republic of Macedonia to the EU and the Europeanisation of the society through professional training and advice, development of evidence-based public policies, regional cooperation and advocacy. MCET funding is obtained from a variety of sources derived from various activities, encompassing research, monitoring, project management, grants, and training fees.


  • Research and analysis of the European Union institutions, common policies and legal acts, the EU accession process of Macedonia, and the Europeanisation of society.
  • Education and training on European Union institutions, common policies and law.
  • Advice and consultancy in all areas related to the European Union; EU law, or EU common policies, as well as in all other areas MCET is works in.
  • Awareness raising about the European Union institutions, common policies and law inasmuch as Macedonia’s EU accession.
  • Support and facilitation of Macedonia’s EU accession process.


  • Complete independence to set its own research priorities and freedom from any outside influence.
  • Quality research by 5 (five) full-time researchers-analysts, 3 (three) of which are senior researchers-analysts, there are also 3 (three) part-time employees out of which 1 (one) is a research fellow, and 2 (two) junior associates. The office is headed by an Executive Director.
  • Strong membership base of 23 experts in various fields, certified EU trainers by the German Foundation InWEnt from Bonn, and the Institute for European Politics from Berlin; certified trainers in public policy writing certified by the Local Government Initiative of the Open Society Institute from Budapest; professionals that contribute to the accession of the Republic of Macedonia to the EU and the Europeanisation of society.

Programme Structure

The Executive Board having in mind the mid-term organisational strategy adopted recently the priorities for the period 2014-2015. The three priority areas are:

  • To research and propose public policies that relate to the Europeanisation of the society, the degree of convergence with the European values and the level of political culture;
  • To monitor the EU accession process of Macedonia through its regular instruments/documents and to monitor the programming and use of IPA2 funds;
  • To build the capacities of the civil society, institutions and other stakeholders by delivering standardised EU related trainings, inasmuch as trainings for effective public policy writing, advocacy, networking and etc.

Research Programmes

The current working programme of the organisation includes the following research and monitoring projects:

  • Accession Watch
  • Shadow Negotiating Teams
  • Fitting into the European Framework
  • Second hand-The New European Narrative for Macedonia


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