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Director: Yves Bertoncini

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Elvire Fabry
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Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute is the European think tank founded by Jacques Delors in 1996. Our aim is to produce analyses and proposals targeting European decision-makers and a wider audience, and to contribute to the debate on the European Union.

We publish numerous papers (Tribunes, Policy Papers, Studies and Reports, Syntheses), organise and take part in seminars and conferences throughout Europe, and make appearances in the European media via our presidents, director and team.

Our work is inspired by the action and ideas of Jacques Delors and guided by the general principles set out in the Charter adopted by our board of directors. It is structured around three main axes: “European Union and citizens” – covering political, institutional and civic issues; “Competition, cooperation, solidarity” – dealing with economic, social and regional issues; “European external action” – research with an international dimension.

The president of Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute is António Vitorino, a former European commissioner and Portuguese minister. He succeeded Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Pascal Lamy and Jacques Delors.His director, Yves Bertoncini,leads an international team of around 15 members.

The organisational bodies of Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute comprise high-profile European figures from diverse backgrounds. Our Board of Trustees takes care of our moral and financial interests. Our Board of Directors is responsible for the management and direction of our works. Our European Steering Committee meets to debate issues of fundamental importance for the future of the EU.

All publications are available free of charge, in French and English, on our website and through the social networks. Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute is wholly independent of party political influence and economic interest.


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