Think Tank EUROPA


EPIN Liason Officer:

Catharina Sørensen
Director of Research
Tel: + 45.215.488.21
Email: cas(at)

Think Tank EUROPA (Tænketanken EUROPA) is established by CO-Industri (the Central Organisation of Industrial Employees in Denmark) and DI (the Confederation of Danish Industry) with the purpose of enhancing the Danish debate and policy development on European affairs.

The vision of the think tank: We want to be part of Europe, not to debate a yes or no to the EU. The relevant debate is about how Denmark wants the EU to develop.

The mission of the think tank: Based on a strong, professional foundation, Think Tank EUROPE will qualify and diversify the Danish debate on Europe.

The specialities of the think tank

  • Labour market policy
  • The European internal market
  • The EU’s handling of the economic crisis
  • Danish attitudes to the EU
  • Danish EU opt-outs
  • Democracy
  • European growth, competitiveness and jobs
  • Various topical issues

The think tank will be engaged in major European events such as summits, elections to the European Parliament and referendums. The think tank also has established task forces aimed at studying relevant and topical issues with a view to contributing with specific analyses and recommendations.

The think tank communicate in a focused and active way in order to set and contribute to European agendas. Currently the think tank is developing a network on European politics in Denmark hoping to involve competent and relevant Danish and international forces in its work.

Central activities for the think tank includes debate events and publication of analyses generating increased knowledge, information and debate on the EU.

Think Tank EUROPE receives advice from an advisory board. It is the duty of the Advisory Board to advise on which themes the think tank should look into.


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